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Skin lesions

A skin lesion is any type of growth on the skin or its underlying tissue that does not resemble the surrounding area; and, that can be confined to one specific area of the body, or that can spread further. Skin lesions often include cysts, nevi, melanomas, tumors and other irregularities of the skin. Skin lesions may be benign or malignant and their differentiation is of great importance.

Skin lesions can be removed by local or general anesthesia depending on the size and the location of the lesions. The excised tissue is usually sent to a laboratory to check for possible abnormal pathological features. 

After surgery there may be some localized swelling and a certain degree of discomfort that may last for a couple of days. It is very important to follow the instructions and recommendations suggested by Dr. Said to make sure that the wound heals properly.

Complications and risks involving this surgical procedure may include bleeding, redness, swelling, infection, hematoma, skin contour irregularities and changes in skin sensation patterns. 

The final result will be a delicate scar in the normal skin line or wrinkle making it less noticeable.